Why Portugal?

To us, Portugal represents harmony, safety, beauty, and the good life. Kinga has lived in the country for several years, and has thought carefully about why we chose to work here, of all places.

“We witnessed the sheer power of getting away from our everyday lives, to an environment that radiates peace – one where there is time to breathe and reflect on things, and where the members of the team are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is exactly what Portugal offers! In addition, the climate is lovely all year round, the people are positive and diligent, and logistically the country is very modern with regard to everything from transportation to wi-fi. Here, there are opportunities to undertake activities in environments that guarantee an out-of-the-ordinary experience.”
Kinga Lundblad

If, for practical reasons, you would rather host your event in Sweden, we are of course able to arrange this.

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