Retreat and health trips

Soon, we will present a completely unique framework that will enable our clients to hone their bodies, souls, and brains in the harmonious environment of the Algarve. We believe it is by viewing every individual as a whole that long-term wellbeing is achieved.
The framework will primarily be offered to companies, networks, and larger organisations who want to combine it with a conference, or send employees who need a ‘fresh start’ to be able to deliver what is expected of them at work. A group that we feel can particularly benefit from this approach is leaders, who sometimes struggle with environments and situations in which there is a great deal of pressure, and can feel unable to stop and assess how this affects them. In the long run, this has a detrimental effect not only on health but decision-making, which can affect the entire company.
Retreat trips with Leventa – something entirely out of the ordinary!

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