What is a kick-off? Today, this word is often used as a fun synonym for ‘conference’. Leventa sees a kick-off very differently, however; to us, it is an event to re-energise the entire company prior to the beginning of a new phase of development. It may be in preparation for a busy season or a new year for the business, or in connection with the launch of a new product. A kick-off should be energetic, bristling with inspiration, peppered with ‘wow’ moments, and – preferably – pleasantly surprise participants in ways that they did not expect.
All of this is easy to accomplish in ‘Kick-off Portugal’ – a country where a simple walk along the beach has several ‘wow’ moments, where workshops can be held in an inspiring outdoor environment, and where there are surprises everywhere in the form of ‘secret’ beaches behind cliffs. And who knows, perhaps a well-known, exciting speaker will turn up at the pool, just when you feel you are in need of an energy boost? If you prefer city life, ‘Kick-off Lisbon’ is a good option.
What is your company going to kick-start in the coming year?

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