At many companies it is a matter of course to go abroad on one or more conferences every year, while for others it has always felt natural to play on home turf.

A conference, training session, or kick-off event is often considered a large investment. Thus, it is crucial that it be as efficient as possible in all aspects. Many believe that conferences abroad automatically involve partying and a vacation, but that is simply not true.

There are many reasons that Leventa works with conferences specifically in Portugal. We and other conference organisers in warmer countries see these as factors that increase the value of your event. In Portugal, some of these factors are:

  • The climate. As the climate in southern Portugal in October-November and February-April is similar to the Swedish summer (albeit without the weeks of rain), it is possible to have conference sessions and activities outside. This benefits creativity, energy, and learning ability, and gives participants an experience that they will remember.
  • Activities. Having fun together during a conference is an important aspect. In Portugal, there are endless opportunities for fun and exciting experiences both on land and in the ocean. Leventa strives to integrate activities within conference sessions. This may mean having a walk and talk on a specific topic in a beautiful part of nature, for example, then stopping to drink coffee and have a workshop on the beach.
  • Prices. Everyone wants to live and eat well when attending a conference. Portugal is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful resorts, situated directly on beaches. Through personal relationships with hotel managers, we are able to offer prices far below those of similar standard events in Sweden. Moreover, nature can be enjoyed free of charge, and the activities that we provide build on this in order to provide value to your event. You will simply receive more experience for your money!
  • Brand building. Today, companies compete to attract competent and committed personnel. We know from experience that a truly rewarding conference abroad often results in the participants speaking very positively about your company as an employer to their family and friends and in their business networks when they come home. This makes a difference in terms of both encouraging your employees to stay and attracting talented new ones, especially since it has been shown that the modern workforce appreciates interesting experiences far more than simple pay raises. Moreover, why not announce a competition during the conference? The best photo/post on social media wins a prize at the concluding dinner. In this way, you create positive publicity during your conference, which is worth a great deal from a marketing perspective.

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