A conference trip should be a solid investment in both your co-workers’ and the company’s business development. Of course, going away for a conference costs money, but that does not necessarily mean that it is nothing but a cost. This is the reason we call our events ‘value-creating conferences’.
Together with you, we come up with a comprehensive solution that aligns with the purpose you wish your conference to serve. Among other things, this means that we, in collaboration with the speaking and training company ElisEss, are happy to assume the responsibility for filling your programme with suitable speakers, training sessions, etc.

What does luxurious mean to you?
Things that are luxurious or exclusive are not necessarily expensive. Many of the experiences that a Leventa conference offers are linked to nature and the environment – parts of Portugal that are included in the price!
A Leventa conference is memorable not only for all of the things you did, but how you did them; how the experience felt, tasted and smelled, and how it affected your motivation and inspiration. The way one takes in information is to a great extent guided by external conditions. Honestly, how inspiring is it to be shut up in a conference room for eight hours while trying to take in a flood of information? It is when nobody remembers what was said that a conference begins to be nothing but a cost.

Make use of the environment to create comprehensive experiences
There is so much to do in Portugal that the only limit is your imagination. Why not take a hike along the Atlantic coast that ends with a luxurious picnic lunch and a lecture on the beach?
Or perhaps group work in an olive grove? Or a team-enhancing communication session at a vineyard?
We recommend activities that are both an experience and something that strengthens the team spirit, and help you to weave suitably interesting activities into your conference programme in a creative way.

Leventa’s capacity
Something that we are particularly proud of is our capacity to handle large conference groups of several hundred people. We also have the logistics to bring together participants from a number of different countries, which suits international companies excellently.
How can a small company such as Leventa do all this? The answer is simple:
We have had well-established and strong relationships with partners ranging from large luxury resorts and local event organisers to small restaurateurs and winemakers for many years. In this way, we are able to construct fantastic conference packages.

You may well wish to present part of the programme yourselves. However, many leaders and employees who are tasked with presenting a programme item, new product, customer survey, or other important event do not feel comfortable speaking in front of a group. This is why some talks do not have the impact they should on the audience. We offer basic coaching in presentation skills prior to the conference for those who are interested. Please get in touch for more information.

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