The way we work

Leventa is much more than a tour operator. We want your conference to be an investment that you will continue to benefit from long after you return home. That is the reason we, working in collaboration with you, carefully plan content, activities, and structure to ensure that the event fulfils its intended purpose to the greatest extent possible. Our extensive network of speakers and training companies is ready to fill your programme with value. More information about this can be found at, which specialises in qualified content.

Our fee includes:

  • Project management. Planning, implementation, and follow-up conducted in collaboration with a representative from your company. We undertake the lion’s share of the work so that you can continue to focus on your core activities rather than getting bogged down in conference details.
  • Price negotiations with hotels, event organisers, restaurants, etc. in Portugal. Our long-standing and excellent relationships with everyone from hotel managers to local restaurateurs mean that we are able to offer very favourable terms.
  • We are able to assist with booking speakers or other people who will make your conference programme complete. Contact us at an early stage and we can offer assistance.
  • 100% dedication to your event on our part: We are always available on-site to ensure things run as smoothly and with as little fuss as possible.
  • If desired, follow-up can be carried out for the event through evaluation questionnaires and follow-up meetings.
  • We ensure that your conference fulfils the Swedish Tax Agency’s current requirements regarding tax deductions.
  • You choose whether you want the subcontractors’* invoices to be sent directly to you, for total transparency, or to receive a single invoice for the entire event from Leventa. Which suits you best?

*Those subcontractors who will be able to send invoices directly to you are hotels, airlines, and event organisers. The many remaining small expenses are included in the fee that we charge. Food and alcoholic beverages can be specified on request.

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