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What distinguishes Leventa from others?

What distinguishes us from many other companies is that we combine business with pleasure and nature in a value-creating way. We specialise in organising events for large groups of between 100 and 1000 people. Smaller groups who want to hold a conference with an added touch of class are, of course, welcome to contact us too.

Leventa limits itself to managing between 10 and 15 conference projects and events per year.
The clients we choose to work with are given our full attention, meaning that the carrying out of the assignment is uninterrupted”.
It´s also a commitment that builds on a balance between work and qualitative leisure time.
The fact that we work exclusively in Portugal does not make us unique, but the country offers many unique opportunities, which we take utmost advantage of. We feel confident in saying that we know more about Portugal in relation to the organisation of conferences than many others, as we live and work here full-time.

Business trips

A business trip has many possible purposes; a conference, executive meeting, educational visit, or as a reward for sales achievements. Regardless of your purpose in bringing your co-workers on a trip, it is important to ensure that it is a sound investment that provides long-term benefits.
Read more about the way we think under each heading below, as well as under ‘Conferences abroad’, where we provide more information on how you can transform a trip abroad from a cost into an investment.

We have also gathered together practical tips on what you should think about when planning a business trip.

The way we work

Leventa is much more than a tour operator. We want your conference to be an investment that you will continue to benefit from long after you return home. That is the reason we, working in collaboration with you, carefully plan content, activities, and structure to ensure that the event fulfils its intended purpose to the greatest extent possible. Our extensive network of speakers and training companies is ready to fill your programme with value. More information about this can be found at EliseEss.se, which specialises in qualified content.

Our destinations

We build concepts entirely based on your needs and dreams.
Here is some inspiration, and suggestions for content.