This is how we work

Leventa is basically much more than a tour operator. We want your conference to be an investment that makes a profit long after your return home. That is why we, together with you, carefully plan the content, activities and structure so that it maximises the purpose you have. Our network of lecturers and training companies is ready to fill your program with value.

In the picture above, Kinga is in the process of rigging today’s conference program.

Our fee includes:

  • Project Management – Planning, implementation, follow-up
  • Negotiation of prices with hotels, eventbolag, restaurants, etc. in Portugal. Our long and good relations with everything from hotel managers to local restaurateurs give us very favorable conditions.
  • Bookings of lecturers or other people who make your conference programme rich if you do not have a complete programme. Contact us at an early stage and we will help you.
  • 100% attendance during your event. We are always available on-site to make everything as simple and smooth as possible.
  • Follow-up of the event through evaluation questionnaire and follow-up meeting if you wish.
  • You choose if you want the invoices from the subcontractors to go directly to you for total transparency, or if you prefer to receive a single invoice for the entire event from Leventa. What suits you?


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