Inspiration for your conference

There is so much you can do in Portugal – the only limit is your imagination.

All the activities selected by Leventa are both an experience and something that strengthens team spirit. Why not take a hike along the Atlantic coast that ends with a luxurious lunch and lecture on the beach for example? In Portugal, luxury and exclusive don’t always mean expensive. Many of the experiences you get through Leventa are linked to nature and the environment; parts of this country that are included in the price!

Whatever you want, we’ll help you to choose appropriate activities for your conference program.

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Download our inspiration PDF and bring it with you to the next event planning meeting at your company.

Active conference – a slide show

Here are some examples of experiences and activities for your conference:

Cave paddle. Explore Portugal’s rocky coastline on a SUP board or canoe – an experience you will never forget.

SUP or Canoeing Experience






Golf. Try to get a hole in one at one of the world’s top golf courses.

Vale Do Lobo Golf Course






Driving experiences. Get ready to race with several motor events.

Autodromo Algarve, Certified F1 Circuit

Autodromo Algarve Driving experience






Surfing in the Atlantic Ocean – a great experience for both beginners and experienced wave surfers







Buggy adventure: go off road and drive a buggy in nature.

Buggy tours






Want to see nature up close and learn more about the real Portugal? Go on an exciting jeep safari.

Jeep safari






A Gocar tour is an exciting way to experience Lisbon behind the scenes.

Gocar tours – Lisbon






Explore some of the most beautiful places in the Algarve. It’s time to enjoy nature!

Pearls of Algarve – movie



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