The Algarve, home of Leventa’s owner Kinga Lundblad, is the southernmost part of Portugal. Its coastline is dominated by stunning, long, sandy beaches, rock formations and caves. A short distance from the sea, however, nature looks completely different; with olive groves, cork trees and a peaceful countryside.

We bring most of our customers to the Algarve, where several of Europe’s finest resorts and hotels are located, many of them with their own beaches and a magical view of the Atlantic Ocean. The Algarve’s coastline boasts more than 150 sandy beaches, most of them completely empty and some that can only be reached by boat. We often use these beaches as picnic places when going on a boat or SUP excursion. Going out on the sea and having a nice buffet lunch on a ‘secret’ beach is something that everyone will remember for a long time after the conference.

Another fantastic way to experience the Algarve’s nature is by going on a coastal track, walking along the rocky coast while looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. Why not break the day with a Walk & Talk?

On the Algarve’s western coast, the nature is wilder. A harsher climate with wind, waves and cliffs will make visitors feel humble when confronted with the power of the elements. With lots of good waves, the western Algarve is also a true paradise for surfers.

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